Looking for a way to keep your car looking new with best ceramic coating? Dripcity Wraps and Signs has the perfect solution – our ceramic coating! This liquid polymer sealant chemically bonds to your vehicles factory paint, creating a layer of protection against harmful UV rays, chemical stains, and dirt. Plus, our hydrophobic nature makes the surface easy to clean – just a quick rinse is all it takes! So why wait? Get your ceramic coating today in Logan City, Slacks Creek!

But what is a ceramic coating for cars? Some might be familiar with this popular car waxing option, but it’s much more than that. Ceramic coating for cars is a process in which a thick liquid polymer sealant coats your vehicle from top to bottom. This protective layer forms against the paint of your car to protect against harmful elements. Plus, because of our state-of-the-art nanotechnology, it’s fortified to be 600% stronger than the typical wax! So not only does it keep your vehicle looking as good as new – it can last up to 3 years! *

A ceramic car coating is a really good investment because it will protect your car from harmful elements. The sun, bird droppings, salt water and even bugs can cause surface damage to your paint. You see, these harsh chemicals and elements break down the waxes and sealants that you’ve probably used in the past. When this happens, your vehicle becomes susceptible to scratches, swirls and other paint damage! A ceramic coating provides an added layer of protection against things like acid rain and brake dust – two factors that can destroy a car’s finish quickly over time. 

If you want maximum protection for your ride’s exterior without dishing out big bucks for a brand-new paint job – we recommend our ceramic car coating service. It’s a fraction of the cost and protects your car like no other!  

* Disclaimer: Results may vary based on vehicle make, model and year. For more information on ceramic coating car price and how ceramic coating for cars can protect your ride from harmful elements, Call Dripcity Wraps & Signs today at 0409 200 886 ! Schedule your appointment today!  ​​​


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